MTB Gallery AU

Welcome to the Mountain Bike Gallery. Here you'll find a selection of photos from past demos. You never know, you might even be featured. These will be updated within a few days of each event so you can see what's been going on at past venues

Gap Creek Mt Coo-Tha

The mozzies were out early and the best way to not get stung was to keep moving and at 6.45 bikes started rolling around the hills of the Gap Creek Recreation Reserve. The 27.5” Wheel size was the order of the day and every Spark and Genius was out most of the day, and the Torrent Team kept ripping the hill apart when the 3 mates all tried the Avanti Torrents and couldn’t get enough of them! Jo who we first met at the AvantiPlus Hellfire Cup in Tassie was out to try the bikes she missed out on while down south and ripped up the trails on the Spark 650b and then the 29er. “I’m going to have to get one of these for the next trip to Tassie I think!” Chris and Stefan took advantage of the huge day at Gap Creek and rode both wheel sizes in the Genius, Scale, and Spark and even took the Addict 10 out for a spin on the road! For the first 4 hours of the demo the bikes didn’t stop with everyone testing the 650b wheels and then trying the equivalent 29er. Just before Lunch the rain started to close in but that didn’t stop anyone. The Newly arrived Genius LT 710 had its wheels turning longer and its 170mm of travel getting squished more than any other bike! Well after last drinks people were still riding the hill on the latest Scott and Avanti bikes and loving it almost 100 people turned up and weren’t disappointed, almost everyone commenting on how the 29” wheel size rolled over everything so easily and the 650bs’ were so versatile. Others couldn’t believe how well the Twin loc lever worked and how easily it locked out front and rear suspension. A Huge effort from all involved with a big thanks to the Avantiplus network – Nth Brisbane, Jindalee and The Valley and Jimmy from Bikeology, the day was a great success and thanks to Brisbane City Council for letting us use the awesome trails at Gap Creek Reserve.

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Short Circuit Cancer & Hornsby MTB Park

The Demo Tour rolled into NSW After a week of solid rain, the clouds parted to make way for beautiful sunny riding conditions for Saturdays Short Circuit Cancer MTB event. The event itself is a 6 hour MTB event held on a 10km off road course, it attracts riders of all calibres, some ride solo, other join in teams of up to 6 riders to ride and raise money for cancer research. This years event attracted record numbers of participants and sold out weeks prior to the event on Saturday. The Demo Tour is proud to be part of this family friendly event that is raising funds and awareness for such a great cause. Sunday's MTB Demo was at the Hornsby MTB Park. Overnight rains made for some slippery conditions on the trails but allowed the demo riders to really test their prowess and the test bikes tot he full. Demo riders shared the area with a cross country running race which added to the atmosphere in this stunning location. Many thanks to everyone who test rode bikes over the weekend.

Alice Springs 2014

After a long hot drive up the middle of Australia we hit Alice Springs and the Friday kicked off with a bang! Road and MTB’s were flying out the door or down the road so to speak. With MTB Trails right at the doorstep of the shop up the trails to the Telegraph Tower or down the backwoods to the Scout Hall where there was an endless corridor of trails to test the latest Scott and Avanti Mountain bikes, and if you took out a road bike you could try your time trial skills heading down to the Gap or try your Hill Climbing prowess tackling Anzac Hill, where as you hit the summit it is almost a 20% gradient. The Scott Scale and the Avanti Competitor 29.2 Hardtails were the hit of the day with everyone loving the versatility of the 27.5” tyre on the scales through the tight rough stuff. Chris who works at the shop and races Mountain bikes all over the country was eager to give the hardtails ago and after trying the Competitor 29.2, the Scale 710 and the Scale 910 he loved the speed he could carry on the 910. On Saturday it was race day on some steeper trails at the Alice Springs Scout Hall with the local club racing the hour of Power between 5 and 6pm. We got there early so everyone could try the bikes out before race time and that they did, the Genius and Torrent models got a good workout with father and son Blake and Barry trying the 27.5” Torrent and Genius models. Barry loved the ease of the Twinloc lever swapping between lock out/traction/and descend modes. “ I had it locked out pedalling up the hill then unlocked it and bombed down the hill like I was on my downhill bike – It was awesome!” When the Hour of Power took off it was young Avantiplus Alice Springs Sponsored rider Luke who was out of the gate like a rocket and didn’t look back, he was the only one to complete 6 laps on the challenging and technical track in the 40 plus degree temperatures! Sunday and the final Demo Day and it was a 7am start to beat the heat and get out on the bikes early. Ben a local MTB legend was first off the blocks and was eager to try a few bikes, the Scale 710 and Scale 910, then the Spark 710 and 920, and he finished it off with an Addict 10 Road bike! A glutton for punishment he must have ridden over 50k’s while testing the bikes out. “Man the hardtails were fast, but you’ve gotta love those Duallies – That 710 Spark was so fast gotta be the best of the lot, the Addict 10 was super-fast and comfortable but after testing the MTB’s I wasn’t taking on Anzac Hill!” Kara dropped into the Scout Hall earlier and was back to try some more bikes looking at the Solace and the Addict models. “The Addict was light and fast while the Soalce on the same circuit I didn’t notice half the bumps and I much did the same time!” The Demo Tours trip to the Northern Territory had everyone talking about and riding the latest Scott and Avanti models. Big thanks must go out to the guys at Pennyfarthing AvantiPlus Alice Springs Yvonne, Felix, Mark, and Chris for all there help getting the demos up and going and Vision FT photography for taking some great photo’s over the weekend. What else was there to do after 3 days of Massive demos, Head to Ormiston Gorge and go for a swim!! Watch out Melbourne we’ll be at The Basin on Saturday and Lysterfield Park on Sunday!

Marrinup MTB Festival,

Fast paced action was the order of the weekend at the Marrinup Mountain Bike festival. Held in the hills about 80kms out of Perth, a record amount of entries for the round meant the dust and dirt was flying thick and fast as the Scott and Avanti range of bikes were flying out of the tents on Saturday and Sunday. The Avanti Ridgeline was a favourite amongst competitors as was the Scott Scale and Scott Spark. The Tight and twisty single track laden with jumps and wooden features meant a lot of people loved the 650b wheelsize that the Spark and Scale had to offer. One spectator had never ridden a mountain bike before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so he rocked up on his Scott Road bike (a very bumpy ride in from Dwellingup on the bumpy dirt road!) ripped the pedals off his bike so he tried out the Ridgeline, Scott Spark 29er and 650b bikes. After trying all 3 he loved the manoeuvrability of the 650b wheelsize and couldn’t believe how well the twinloc lever system worked. Off a whim he entered the race and very humbly came in mid field in his category. Fantastic for the first time he had ever been on a MTB and not a single crash to boot. One young competitor who was on a 24” Avanti bike tried out the Scale 720 a 650b wheelsize bike and he couldn’t believe the difference the bike made on his riding, we even had a tug of war to get the bike back off him. Looks like his dad might be getting him a new bike very soon, his dad even mentioned he couldn’t believe how much fun his son was having on the bike. With a weekend of racing, night riding and plenty of laughs, it was a great weekend to be had. I wonder if we will be able to hang out for the rest of the series??? A big thanks to the guys at AvantiPlus Cannington for all their hard work over the weekend and to the Perth MTB club for a fantastic race and finally to Pete for marking a fantastic course and who made sure everything ran smoothly over the weekend.

The Dell

The Frist Scott MTB Demo in Perth proved to be massive, hot temperatures meant everyone was out riding early and they came in droves. The Sun hard barely broken through the night sky and the genius 710 was the first bike out and most demanded all day. The guys from Avanti plus Cannington were run off their feet setting up bikes and sending them out with the next customer ready to give the next one ago. The 27.5” wheel size was the most popular with the Spark XC bike and the Genius All Mtn bike the most popular. Rodney loved the Spark as the photos show. “ It was so fast and nimble I couldn’t believe it, it descended easier than my 26” and I was just as fast as on my 29er!” Several Riders set their best strava times in the area after just one lap on the Scott bikes and were eager to try another to see just how fast they could go!

kalamunda Camel Farm

It was another day out in the hills of Perth with the Scott Demo Tour stopping in at the Camel Farm in Kalamunda. The trails here are a little flatter and the Spark 27.5” tyre was again the talk of the town. 120mm travel, 650b wheels meant this was the weapon of choice for the trails. Justin from Booragoon was loving the stability of the bike and wanted to take it home “I’ll swap you for my car!” The local sprockets were out and about and while they were out riding several of the parents took the opportunity with no kids to jump on a bike and go for a spin themselves, Simon from Mt Lawley took the Genius out for a spin and came back with a smile beaming from ear to ear, “ I kept the lockout in trail mode and it was just like a short travel bike, then when I got to the bumpy descents I opened it right up and it was an all MTN bike again” “I love it”. It wouldn't have been a day at the camel farm without the camels getting in on the action, they came down to check out what was going on we decided we didn't have a bike big enough! All the same they liked the attention. A big thanks to the Calamunda Camel farm for letting us host a day at some of the best trails in Perth and the Boys from Carine Cycles and Cottesloe Cycles for getting everyone onto the bikes.

Carigburn Farm

The Demo Tour rolled into Adelaide's Craigburn Farm, south of the city on Sunday 9th February. It were a super busy day and we were blessed with cool conditions which had plenty of riders out riding after suffering through another famous Adelaide heat wave and bush fires. Speaking of bush fires, The Demo Tour almost didn't make it to the event as we were evacuated from our cabins at the Belair Caravan Park, but could only get the Scott Trailer out, lucky for us the CFA did an amazing job and controlled the fire in the Belair National Park quickly and we were able to return to our cabin late Saturday. So, thank you to all of the passionate riders who came along to test ride the fleets of Scott and Avanti road and Mountain Bikes. The Demo Tour rolls on into Perth this coming weekend, remember to bring your drivers licence Identification and relevant shoes for each bike you'd like to ride, ie road or mtb. Ciao see you on the road. The Demo Tour.

Jarrahdale- WA

The coldest morning Perth has seen since last winter didn’t stop the riders coming out early with the first bike of the day going out just after 7am to hit the trails amongst the Pea Gravel and Tall Timber at Langford Park Jarrahdale. Mike was the first rider for the day he wanted to try the Vapour and the Genius. “The Vapour was so quick and nimble up and down the hills and the Genius with the lock out was unbelievable”. Matt took out the Scott Genius 740, the Avanti Coppermine and the Scott CX Cyclo-cross bike and loved them all – “I couldn’t believe how fast the CX was and how well it handled the Pea Gravel!” Kim took out the XL Genius 740 said “it felt like the good old days on a downhill bike!”. Thomas who was on the final ride of the day on the Torrent 2came back with a smile from ear to ear! – “It pedalled up the hill but handled everything I threw at it, through the rock sections, through all the loose gravel and felt so smooth every time I hit a jump”. A big thanks to the team from Avantiplus Cannington and Avantiplus Rockingham who helped make this day great, and helping the tour get with everything it needed while over in the west! Last but not least Kim for some great photos from the day.

Calamunnda Camel Farm - WA

With a great network of trails and an area full of trees and and hardpack soils the Kalamunda Camel Farm was the first stop for the MTB Demo Tour in WA. The 7 am start wasn’t early enough as riders where coming from everywhere to put the Scott and Avanti range through its paces. Colin came to try out the Scale 920 to compliment his long travel 26” bike he has at home. It was out on demo so in the interim took out a Coppermine. “For a long travel 29er I can’t believe how easy it pedals and how fast it was”. Even after taking out the Scale he came back and said “I still can’t get over how good the Coppermine was!” Emma and Brendon came to try the Genius range in the 29er and 650b versions and loved them both. “The 940 Genius rolled so well, the travel felt endless and the 720 was so nimble and agile you could throw it around anything”. A massive effort from AvantiPlus Cannington – Dean, Mark and Hamish made this day a great success, and many thanks to the Kalamunda Camel Farm for hosting us and allowing the Perth Mountain Bike Club build a great network of trails in the area.

Alice Springs- NT

A long drive straight up the centre of Australia saw the Demo Tour land in Alice Springs, home to some of the most determined riders in the country! A shop display at AvantiPlus Alice Springs created a lot of interest amongst the locals for the two demos over the weekend in what they called winter but was still over 30 degree heat. Local Nic took out the Scott Spark and the Genius who, in her own words, “is vertically challenged” loved the speed of the 740 “I don’t like riding 29ers because I’m a bit shorter, but the 650b wheel is great, faster than a 26 and really easy to handle”. The first demo was at the Scout Hall MTB Race on the Saturday where over 50 riders took place in a local club race over 30km’s long! Many of the riders turned up early to take on the 11km lap before racing started with many trying two bikes. Ron and his partner decided to try the Scott Genius 740 and the Spark 920. “Once the bike is locked out using the twin loc it climbs the hills itself then you unlock it and the rocky downhills seem like a walk in the park!” Dorinda who had her first hit out on a bike since a crash almost stopped her riding bikes permanently took out the Spark 920 and the Genius 720. “The bikes are just so easy to ride, I jumped on the bike and it felt comfortable straight away”. Day Two in Alice Springs landed the Demo Tour at the base of the McDonnell Ranges at Eagle Court with an undulating 4WD Climb and single track descent. The 5km loop had everything from steep climbs, rocky chutes, jumps as well as up and downhill switchback corners to put the Avanti and Scott range through their paces. Mark liked the look of the longer travel Avanti’s, trying out the Torrent and the Coppermine. “Both bikes descended really well and with the flick of a switch on the shocks, the bikes climbed really easy”. Nic came back for a second day to give the Genius another go and brought her partner Chris along, both trying the Genius, Spark, Scale and the Vapour. “The speed of the Scale is unbelievable, the Spark and the Vapour were fun but the Genius 720 is the bike for me, you adjust the forks to short travel and lock it out and you can climb anything”. In 30 degree dry heat, a big thanks must go out to the riders that took part in the demos and to Yvonne and Felix from AvantiPlus Alice Springs for helping get the Demo Tour to the centre of Australia and making it another huge success.


With Jared just off the plane, the local club was eager to congratulate him and Peter on their fantastic effort of finishing second in the Cape Epic in South Africa in the mixed division. The local clubs scratch racing was on tonight and everyone wanted to come down and say hi. Set on a farm just South of Bendigo was some rocky and technical single track with two loops to choose from- a beginner loop about 3kms and an intermediate loop about 6kms. A couple of hours before racing began everyone wanted to try the super fast and super light Scott machines. The Scale and Spark were the most popular amongst the older crew while the young guns couldn’t get over the versatility of the Genius 650b. On the Genius – “It’s so fast you lock it out going up the hill and it’s rock solid, then you unlock it and bomb through the rough stuff on the other side and it’s like a totally different bike!” Gavin who has tried a few 29er hardtails jumped on the Scale 920 and was amazed. “The Scale is so fast, light and responsive” he said. He decided to jump on the Spark 920 “WOW, I think I want one of these now, you lock it out and it almost feels like the Scale!” Big congratulations to Jared and Peter for their amazing effort in the Cape Epic in South Africa, thanks to the Bendigo MTB Club for letting us use there trails and Chris and Paul from Moronis Bike Shop.

Nowra Demo- Ultimate Cycles- NSW

Overcast skies and a little bit of rain greeted us at the CoonDoo Trails just south of Nowra, not too much rain, just enough to make the 6 km loop grippy and fun! With help from the local bike shop, Ultimate Cycles, the set up was a breeze. With a couple of eager beavers excited to get on the new bikes the first bookings were for the Avanti Torrent and what proved to be a very popular bike on the day- the Genius 740. These guys came back with grins beaming from ear to ear! Once 5pm hit and everyone had finished work, the MTB Demo Tour soon turned into a MTB Frenzy! We were inundated with riders excited to try the best bikes going round. With riders of all ages, the Spark 920, Scale 920 and the bike of the day the Genius 740 were in high demand! Riders were trying two or even three bikes over the demo period with a few guys who just turned up to ride the trails on their own bikes soon falling in love with what the Scott and Avanti Range had to offer. A huge thanks to the guys at Ultimate Cycles Nowra especially Taite who marked out a great loop around the trails. Next stop: Sutherland.

Sutherland Demo- NSW

Loftus Oval Sutherland greeted us with howling winds, torrential rain, and even a Category 1 tornado! With that in mind we decided to move the demo to the Monday afternoon/evening to give the trails some time to dry out and the local rangers time to clear the trails of debris. The Monday produced a glorious coastal day with the sun shining and a light coastal breeze blowing through the trees. The trails at Sutherland in the Royal National park are awesome, with everything from open hard packed fire trails to tight twisty single track where you just hope the person in front didn’t come off or you’ll run over them! The trail we marked out was a 4 Km loop avoiding the enduring heartbreak hill climb out of Temptation creek. But those that knew the trails well took it on and loved the Dual lockout the Scott bikes had to offer. With an early test ride on the Genius 720 the rocky outcrops where not noticeable, the corners felt like I was railing on a BMX track and with the climb out of heartbreak hill feeling like a breeze, this was going to be a great place to test out the bikes. Our first test rider for the day was Jo who has been riding her husband’s hand me downs, she had tried a few 29er’s but they “didn’t quite feel right”. Giving the smaller wheel Genius 740 a go, it had too much travel for her, so onto the 29er Spark she hopped and away she went. 30mins later covered in mud and sand – she had found her bike. With her husband buying a new bike every year she took home a brochure to leave in an obvious place for him to see to push the case for a new bike for herself! A couple of local boys who happened to be driving past on their way home from work dropped in and before we blinked raced home grabbed their gear and returned to jump on a couple of Genius bikes they have been eyeing off in the local shop. On their return covered in mud with grins ear to ear the guys started working out how they were going to tell their wives about the new toys they wanted to buy! One of the Local bike shops Frasers Cycles all come down to try out the Scott range of bikes with the Spark 920, Genius 740, Scale 920 and the CX bike the bikes of choice as they did a few laps, swapping bikes every time they returned. The Twinloc-fork and rear shock lockout was perfect for the conditions as time and time again they powered up heartbreak hill after bombing down some technical and fun single tracks. With a big thanks to the Sutherland Shire Council, Dean at Bike Hub and Ian from Frasers, the day was a huge success!

Ourimbah Demo- NSW

Driving up the dirt road to Ourimbah through the early morning mist there were already cars with empty bike racks with riders zipping through the forest. As the sun burst through, the pink sunrise greeted us and the riders came. The course was marked and there were many riders eager to test the bikes. Dennis T, an experienced trials rider from way back, was super keen to see what the 720 Genius had to offer after watching Brad Kelly on a 650b bike smash the field in a local All Mountain race a few weeks ago. Within 10 seconds of sitting on the bike he was manualling, hopping and doing front wheel stoppies like he had been riding on the bike for year. After a couple of laps on the bike he said “this wheel size is the future!” A couple of guys that turned up to ride and got a big treat when they stumbled upon the Demo Tour. After the first lap on their bikes they looked like they were in pain. After a lap on the Coppermines they looked like they wanted to do another 10!

Newcastle Demo- NSW

For the first time in weeks but what felt like an eternity, the ground was dry and not a cloud in the sky! The Newcastle Demo at one of the most pristine cycling areas in a National park was allowed to go ahead! Yahoooo Mountainbiking! People were eager to try the Bike of the Demo so far- the Genius 740- Nimble like a 26”er but with a wheel size that lets you pedal for longer with less effort. Before 8.30am, every Spark and Scale we had was out on the trail smashing up the hills and bombing back down through some tight switchback corners and rocky traverses. The youngest demo rider of the day, Jacob Mossner, a local downhiller who has only been in the sport for less than a year was ripping up the trails like a seasoned pro on the Genius 720. Treating it like a DH bike he was getting more air than he would on a dirt jumper thrashing the bike through corners with a low seatpost. He did use the lockout though and loved how it went from super squishy to rock solid with the flick of a switch. A big thanks to Jeramie and Tim from Avanti plus Narrabeen for getting everyone onto bikes quicker than what it took them to fill out the paperwork and to National parks and the Glenrock Trail Alliance Crew for letting us use there trails and thanks mother nature for not raining on us 3 weeks in a row.

Port Macquarie Demo- NSW

The kids of all ages were out in Port Macquarie as over 100 youngsters attending the local Wednesday night skills clinic with their parents testing out the best Scott bikes going round. The 2 Kilometre loop had everything from hill climbs, rock gardens, descending and ascending berms. Everyone was eager and trying to bust open the trailer as we tried to wheel the bikes out. With Solo 24 hr rider Jason English, a local school teacher, everyone here is into big wheels and long riding. The Scale 920 and Spark 920 were the crowd favourite, with both bikes getting huge praise. There were a few out that were eager to try the 650b wheel size and it didn’t disappoint. Local Club President Jason had been eager to try one for a while but had to wait until after his skills clinic and was the last rider on the Demo but “it was worth the wait”. With a few personal tweaks he could see himself riding that bike for a long time. Big Thanks to Lloyd at Gordon Street Cycles for putting on such a huge event and BBQ and the guys at the Hunter Valley MTB Club for letting us use the great inner suburban loop they have created.

Bom Bom State Forest- NSW

For the first time in weeks the locals were able to get onto the trails at BomBom Forest. Rain had hampered any efforts to ride in the area for weeks and when they came back we were there ready to let them try some of the best 29er’s going around. Everyone came to try the Scale and the Spark and that they did thrashing them around some of the single track through puddles, down the big dipper and whipping the bikes in and out of corners. The Murphy brothers came to play and that they did, trying the Spark 920, Scale 920, Genius 740 and the Avanti Coppermine their favourite bike of the day. Scott was there early clearing the trails and gave a Spark 920 a go and couldn’t believe how fast and responsive it was. Once the Genius 720 went out and came back to raving reviews the bike was in demand going from rider to rider until after the demo had finished. Everyone came back with massive smiles commenting on how fast it was yet nimble like a 26” wheel. Even a few guys from the other bike shops in town came to have a go! Big thanks to State Forest NSW and the local BOM BOM Club for letting us use, and for clearing the trails for a great demo!

Gap Creek Demo - QLD

A misty Mountain morning and dew filled grass greeted us early at what was to be the biggest demo the tour has seen so far. With the demo due to start at 8am we had people lining up to try bikes by 6.45am! The magic word for the day was Genius! The 720 and the rest of the Genius 650b fleet were booked for 4 hours solid, with many wanting to try the new wheel size. Mark from Jamberoo Heights couldn’t believe how it accelerated up the climb and how stable it was through the tight stuff on the descent. Another bike in high demand for the day was the Spark 920. Pete from Albany Creek set his personal best times on some of the tracks while riding the bike for the first time! “I just couldn’t believe how fast I went without really trying!” With the Mt Cootha Road challenge on, quite a few riders dropped by and tried out some of the bikes with the superfast Scale 920 another favourite. A big thanks to Carl from Avantiplus North Brisbane for his massive effort on the day from start to finish and the Brisbane City Council for the use of some awesome trails at Gap Creek.

Mt Stromlo- ACT

With the National Solo 24hr champs being held at Mt Stromlo over the Easter long weekend and more than a few Canberrians’ migrating to the coast, it was a good chance for some of the country’s fittest XC riders to test some of the best bikes going round. One rider said the Scale 920 was a powerhouse and accelerated up the climb really fast but then when you got out of the seat and really put some power down it was like a rocket! Dennis who we met at Ourimbah was back to try the 650b Genius again he loved it so much the first time he wanted to see what it was like coming down trails like the luge, when he got returned he didn’t want to give it back. Even a bit of bark off couldn’t wipe the smile off the riders faces as again and again. Everyone wanted a ride on the Scott Genius 650b, it was the bike in demand yet again! A massive thanks to Will, Josh and Jesse from the ACT bike Superstore for volunteering their time on Friday and to Stromlo Forest Park for letting us use the trails while they were setting up for the National Solo 24 hour Champs.

Mogo- ACT

Easter Sunday was upon us and most of Canberra had migrated to the coast and heard on the radio there was a Scott and Avanti Demo in town. 2kms south of Mogo about halfway down a windy dirt road is the Maulbrooks MTB Park with a myriad of XC trails to please the beginner to the elite rider. The course chosen for the demo was about 5kms long with a nice little climb to begin with before riders were thrown down the snake track. Long corners on a trail only a little wider that the tyre, with a few rock gardens and jumps thrown in. Leesha was one of the first to come back after trying a Scale 920 hardtail and was more than pleased with how the bike went. Half an hour later she came back on a Spark and couldn’t believe the differences to her normally rough ride. The twin lockout on the Scott Spark made her day. The Avanti Coppermine was another crowd favourite with 29” wheels it climbed effortlessly and bombed back down the single track. A big thanks to Paul from Batemans Bay Cycles, the State Forest NSW and The Eurobodella Cycling Club for a great day on some great trails in Mogo.


Just next to Mt Clear Secondary College in Ballarat is some awesome single track supporting the areas MTB Community so it made for the perfect site for our Ballarat Demo day. Before we had even set up there were people trying to rip through the tents to get the bikes out on the dirt! The Scott Spark and the Scale were yet again the most popular bikes on the day. Everyone wanted to test out a29er and there were a lot of conversions had. John on the Scale 920 got around his lap 5 minutes quicker and “I didn’t even feel like I got my heart rate up, it was just so easy to pedal – I didn’t realise how fast I was going”! Paul was amazed how effortlessly the Scale descended through the technical stuff “Are you sure it’s only got 100mm of travel?” he asked Chris a keen young grommet from the area loved the Genius 650b, “It rolls so fast through the rock garden, it just eats it up!” A big thanks to the Ballarat Cycling Club for their work on the great trails in this little part of Victoria and letting us ride there and Tim from Avanti Plus Navajo for helping to organise the day.


Dark skies and mist covered lake at Lysterfield Park. With what was expected to be a busy day was the biggest demo so far this tour. The skies opened up, the mist burnt off and a glorious day in the suburbs of south east Melbourne was upon us. For a large part of the demo 90% of the fleet was out, people came from Phillip Island to Footscray and from all over the metro area to try these bikes and they weren’t disappointed. The Avanti Vapour was Craig’s favourite bike of the day, “It was light and nimble and you could bomb it back down the hills” he said. 26” wheel size Enduro racer Pearse tried out the Scale 920 and thought the bikes were brand new out of the box. “It just shifted effortlessly” “I’m converted mate, I’m getting a 29er now!” Mike gave the 650b Genius a go and was amazed at the differences compared to his 26” version, “It handles great down the hill but going up it feels fully rigid – no pegal bob or anything!” A big thanks to Parks Victoria and Lysterfield MTB Club for letting us use the great trails at Lysterfield and Liam and Avanti Plus Frankston for their help on the day.

You Yangs

South west of Melbourne amongst the flat country paddocks is a rocky outcrop known as the You Yangs. Shahan who was at Lysterfield last week came back for more and brought some friends along to try out the Genius, Coppermine and the Torrent. After laps on all three bikes they couldn’t decide which was best. “The Torrent handled the conditions perfectly, cruised through the rock gardens and made the jumps feel like rollers”, “I killed them on the Coppermine, handles like a 26inch bike”. New to mountain biking, Sam came out with her husband and wanted to try a 29er to see what all the hype was about. Trying the Scale 920 first she loved how fast it was but wanted a bit more give so onto the Spark she hopped. “The steering on both the bikes I’ve tried is so responsive, but I’m pretty short and feel really high on the bike” she said. A Small Genius 650b came back in and we suggested she give it a go. The smile on her face told the story when she came back just a little dustier than when she left. “It felt so much faster than my bike at home with twice the travel”. With a massive effort from the team at Avanti Plus Ocean Grove – Eric, Connor, Tanya and Birthday Boy Eric, the day was a huge success with everyone wrapped with what the Scott and Avanti range had to offer. A big thanks to Parks Victoria, the You Yangs MTB club and Avantiplus Ocean Grove for making the final stop for the Demo Tour in Victoria a great one.